The San Juan Estate is located in Gran Couva, in the Montserrat Hills of Central Trinidad, 10°25’ N Latitude and 61°21’ W Longitude. It is one of the oldest estates in Trinidad and started operations around 1870. The estate covers an area of 300 hectares and most of the older Imperial College Selections which date back to the 1940’s have been replanted with newer Trindad Selected Hybrid (TSH) cloneswith higher yields, and disease resistance that still retain the classic flavor notes associated with Trinidad. The San Juan Estate has a well established reputation of producing superior quality cocoa and post-harvest processing operations closely follow traditional techniques. Cocoa is still graded and polished, using an antique grading machine

the estate has used since 1905 and the care and attention San Juan Estate gives during post-harvest, makes their cocoa some of the most beautiful, consistent, and easy to work with for chocolate makers.


The entire region of Gran Couva is well known and respected for the terroir that contributes to ideal cocoa-growing conditions. The free draining sand stone soils of the Montserrat region are often fondly referred

to as the “chocolate soils,” which paired with a micro- climate that lends to fermentation and drying conditions that for over a century have borne some of the most sought after cocoa. The Gran Couva area continues to be highly prized for these attributes as well as the craftsmanship from dedicated farmers like Mr. Solomon.

Estate Name: San Juan Estate

Manager Name: Mr. Jude Solomon

Origin: Gran Couva, Trinidad

Variety: Trinitario -Imperial College Selections(ICS) & Trinidad Selected Hybrid (TSH) clones

Nearest City: Couva

Terroir: Located in central Trinidad, on a hilly farm, with an ideal microclimate for cultivating cocoa

Elevation: 900 ft

Soil:     USDA Class (Sub Group): Typic Tropudolls

FAO Class:  Calcaric Phaeozem  (Free draining Glauconitic Sand Stone)

Harvest Season: March - October

Fermentation Method: In line box fermentation

Drying Style: Sun dried only

Butter Fat Content: 57%

Bean Count: 79 beans per 100 grams

Flavor Notes: Mellow chocolate base with notes of vanilla, honey, black pepper and raspberry