Camino Verde is a cocoa farm near the city of Balao, two hours south of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and was rehabilitated after being abandoned for 16 years. Camino Verde have developed a long-standing relationship built on a passion for impeccable quality and consistency in beans, as well as an understanding of the applied science in cocoa fermentation that pushes the boundaries for new-age methods of cocoa post harvest processing.

Camino Verde’s owner, Vicente Norero, has years of experience in microbiology, which brings a unique approach to cocoa farming. With Vicente’s deep understanding of fermentation methods he produces a variety of flavor profiles, using enzymes and inoculants to push specific flavor precursors forward in the beans.

Beyond environmental practices that earn Camino Verde an Organic Certification, they practice a unique labor program, paying staff 15% above minimum wage, as well as productivity bonuses, which strengthens staff retention. Camino Verde has a doctor visit the farm weekly to care for any farmers needing assistance. Vicente teaches his farmers the big picture of cocoa farming, providing them with extensive training. Teaching farmers how to be responsible of their own domain, from irrigation system management, pruning, and harvesting to disease management, gives employees pride and ownership over their portion of the farm; teaching them the precision required to harvest high quality cacao.




Estate Name: Camino Verde

Owner Name: Vicente Norero

Nearest City/Region: City of Balao; Region of Guayas

Variety: Nacional, EET, Venezolano

Certifications: Organic, UTZ

Terroir: Nestled between the foothills of the Andes and Pacific Ocean

Elevation: 350 ft

Soil: Fraco Limoso

Harvest Season: March - December

Fermentation Procedure: Efficient micro organism/inoculant controlled

Fermentation Method: Bag fermented in temperature/ humidity controlled room

Drying Style: Sun dried and mechanically dried if necessary

Butter Fat Content: 49%-52.4%

Flavour Notes: Bright chocolate flavor, with fruitier notes and a clean sweet finish.